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Magners League Face In Crowd Competition

26th February 2008

To celebrate St David's Day, the Magners League is offering supporters the chance to win some fantastic prizes.

After Saturday's game, a Magners League picture board will be set up in the Queens Vaults pub on Westgate Street and will feature 10 pictures of supporters in the crowd at that evening's game.

Some faces in the crowd will be circled and if one of those faces is yours and you make yourself known at the bar, you will win a fantastic Magners League goodie bag, plus a refreshing pint of Magners Irish Cider.

So, celebrate St David's Day with the Magners League and you too could be a winner!

*Competition open to over 18s only
**Prizes can only be claimed in the Queen's Vaults in Westgate Street, Cardiff on 1st/2nd March 2008.