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Interview With Blues Captain - Rhys Williams

26th August 2005

Following the recent announcement of Rhys Williams as the new Blues captain, caught up with the speedster to find out some hidden secrets for junior fans.

Interviewer: Rhys, Congratulations on the captaincy. You must be delighted.

Rhys Williams: Yes it’s a huge honour for me to be captain, growing up in the area I know how many great captains Cardiff have had over the years so it’s something that I am very proud of.

Have you been busy this summer with the Blues?

RW: Yes we have done a lot this summer following the Wales tour to Canada and the USA. We had stand in the Royal Welsh Show and the Urdd Eisteddofd which was a great opportunity to meet the fans, and obviously we have been training hard also in our new base in Hensol.

Were you always interested in rugby?

RW: Yes from a very early age I always liked playing most sports: football, cricket but especially rugby. I started supporting Everton at a young age also and it’s great to see them dong well again. I always enjoyed watching Cardiff play as well, I remember they had some great players in the side who were a real inspiration to me.

Which school did you play for and against?

RW: I played for Cowbridge Comprehensive and we used to play teams from al over the place. Llandovery College and Brecon were ones that stick in the mind. Closer to home we always had good games against Whitchurch High and St Cyres in Penarth were always a difficult team to beat.

What is the most important lesson you have learnt in rugby?

RW: I think the most important thing is to enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing it makes it harder to train and to play.